If you would like to discover and learn all about cocoa or chocolate, you will be in the right place to do it, visiting our original cocoa plantation (more than 100 years old) with its respective history then we arrive at a new plantation in production where you learn how to grow cocoa in harmony with nature and you can also taste the fresh fruit and we will arrive at the Afro-Caribbean Museum, the whole history of cocoa, machinery used to process cocoa drying in the last century and next to the museum there is an adequate space where observe the whole process of the cocoa bean, even customers can participate tasting the grains in different stages of the process until they become chocolate and finally they can taste the chocolate they want, apart from this we have as a complement garden of heliconias, orchids, medicinal plants and a museum in d Ugena U SULE used by shamans for ceremonies and social events (artifacts and history) also `can see the most common animals in the area (sloths, monkeys and lizards). all this with local guides in Spanish and English. We do not accept credit card. Recommended to bring mosquito repellent.

Tour of 1 hour or 2 hours with guide.
Ask for our special rate for groups.
Tour para estudiantes.