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The Cacao History in Costa Rica Caribbean. Come and learn with us the real history!


Come and prepare traditional chocolate with your family and friends. From the indigenous to the Afro-descendant culture.


The beliefs related to the manufacture of cocoa. The fruit of the gods.


History of the trade of the Cacao fruit in the Costa Rican Caribbean area.

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Cacao Trails Tayku Costa Rica

The magnificent natural environment of the CACAO TRAIL TAYKU allows all kinds of activities including walking in the middle of unique tropical botanical collections, observing the birds from the forest of the private reserve offered by Cacao Trails while enjoying the interactive contact with the local culture of the cocoa.

This biological park of the "Paths of Cocoa" offers a surprising experience of communicating with nature. There you can see families of plants and trees typical of local biodiversity. A large selection of animal species is naturally attracted to carefully designed gardens.

Cacao Trails Tayku, Cacao Tour Limón Cahuita Costa Rica
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